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How much water volume do I need for my pond?

How much water volume do I need for my pond?

It takes approximately 36 gallons per minute to make a waterfall 1′ wide x 1″ deep (1″ deep water is considered an average depth for residential applications). The first step in determining how much water you need is to multiply the width of the waterfall in feet x 36 = gallons per minute needed to make 1″ thick water over your falls.

Example: A 3′ wide waterfall would need 108 gallons per minute to be 1″ thick.

The Story Behind Rocks 'n' Roots

Keeping It In The Family - The story behind Rocks 'n' Roots

In 1928, when August Zendt started a little maintenance company called Zendt's Landscaping, he probably never knew the legacy he would leave.  He did it because he was a bit strong-willed and felt he could earn a better living than working for someone else while doing something he loved. 

What is the best location for my pond?

What is the best location for my pond?

Your pond should be located in a spot where it can be enjoyed the most. Locating the pond near a window or alongside a deck will allow you to enjoy the pond more than if the pond was located out in the middle of the yard. Ponds should not be located in the low spots of your yard. These low spots gather rainwater runoff, something you do not want in your pond.

Does Preen work well with mulch?

Does Preen work well with mulch?

Weed seeds require light to sprout. Mulch deprives them of that light, preventing their sprouting. Where does Preen come into that picture? The war against weeds is won at the seed level. There's an old saying: “one year’s weeds create seven years seeds.” It’s true! 


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