How to calculate how much mulch you will need.

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Q.   How to calculate how much mulch you will need:

A.   All mulch covers approximately 120 square feet at 2". Of course you can install it thicker too, but 2" is a very good coverage. To calculate how much mulch you will need measure each area's length and width. Then multiply length times width of each area and add all the answers together. Then divide the answer by 120 to tell you how many yards you will need. You may also want to put a fabric over the soil before you install the mulch to prevent the weeds from growing while allowing the water and fertilizer to flow through. If you do not want to put down a fabric, another idea is to sprinkle Preen over the installed mulch which will act as a barrier against the weeds.

Example: In the measurement below if you divide the 460 square feet by 120 you will need 3.84 yards. You then round it up or down to the nearest 1/2 yard. In this case that would be 4 yards.

Submitted by Barbara Zendt