Phragmites, phragmites...go away!

What is a Phragmite? 

Invasive weeds that grow by and near water.  They have no known natural competition, so they can grow and spread very vigorously and crowd out the more desirable plants in the area.


How to control Phragmites?

Applying a chemical containing Glyphosate.  If possible cut the weeds prior to chemical application, then the Glyphosate gets into the plant faster and less chemical is needed because of the contact with the fresh tissue of the plant.  We sell Shore-Klear containing Glyphosate which is very effective in treating Phragmites,  as well as many other nuisance weeds.


When to treat for Phragmites?

You can treat for Phragmites any time of the year, but August through October is the best time because the plant is starting to go dormant.